Admitting Your Diabetes Mistakes

No one ever has an easy time admitting that they’re wrong. Take it form type 1 Kerri who, believe it or not, forgets to count a carb, bolus, or take her bedtime insulin from time to time. But by forgetting it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to manage her diabetes despite the many years she’s been living with the disease. It only means that diabetes is an ever changing disease that one has to learn how to be flexible with.

Watch as Kerri admits to her diabetes mistakes, but is empowered by those who are honest to themselves and what it’s like to live with diabetes. So the next time you’re giving yourself a hard time for not feeling like you’re managing your diabetes properly, take a deep breath and remember what may work today may not work for you in a year or two, but just make sure you show your diabetes who’s boss now!

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