Choosing Socks that Meet Your Diabetes Needs


Finding the right socks for a person with diabetes isn’t a small matter. A person with high blood sugar can develop nerve damage, poor circulation and swelling of the feet, which can quickly result in sores that are hard to heal. Here are some of the top considerations when choosing a pair of socks.


First, look for a pair of snug socks that help to compress your feet and legs and aid in circulation. This tightness also helps prevent rubbing and chaffing of skin, which can result in sores.

Not Too Tight

Although snug is good, too tight is not. There’s a fine line between compression and cutting off circulation. Opt for the former, not the latter.


Choose a fabric that allows airflow. This prevents chaffing and bacteria growth.


The fabric should be moisture-wicking as well, which keeps your feet nice and dry. Wet, moist areas create the perfect breeding area for fungus and bacteria.

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