What Is The Lucky Iron Fish And How Is It Saving Lives?!

If you haven’t heard of the Lucky Iron Fish, you probably will soon! This small fish is a potential solution for the nearly six million Cambodians suffering from iron deficiencies. Commonly caused by having a diet lacking in iron-rich foods, iron deficiencies come with symptoms that range from fatigue to cognitive impairment and circulation issues. While having an iron deficiency can be a very serious health issue, there’s good news: it’s relatively easy to treat.

The Iron Fish is a cast iron ingot in the shape of a fish, which is the Cambodian symbol of hope. When added to boiling water that is being used for cooking, it leaches iron into the water and food and provides consumers with 75% of their daily-recommended iron intake.

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing product and how many people benefit from its production!

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