Hilarious Things People with Diabetes Say

Alexys “Lex” Fleming is a make up artist, an outspoken vlogger, and a Type 1 diabetic. Lex’s YouTube channel, Madeyewlook, is full of beautiful makeup tutorials, as well as an entire section, MadeULook for a Cure, dedicated to sharing her experiences living with Type 1 diabetes. In the hilarious video below, Lex gives us a comedic performance of “Things Diabetics Say!”

From double checking the amount of sugar in their food, to counting carbs, to the trials and tribulations of monitoring their blood sugars (even while they sleep), here are a few things you’ve probably said before. Really, who else can relate to the statement, “Seriously. These last couple days, no matter what I do, I’m just staying high.” If you don’t have diabetes, but have a family member or close friend who does, we know you’ll get it, too!

Check out the video below where Lex explains, “Everyone handles their situations in their own way, and we all have our own experience, but most of the time, diabetics are like…”

Enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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